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  • We are closed at the momentWe are closed at the moment, due to COVID-19. We expect to open up on Monday 10th of August. We will keep you updated here on our website and on our Facebook page, so please stay tuned and, in the meantime, take good care of your self and each other. Best regards, all of us at Villa Dining.
  • Ranked Best Restaurant in Aarhus!HURRAH! We are ranked Best Restaurant in Aarhus in January 2020! The ranking is publiced by the booking site, DinnerBooking, and is based on over 20.000 guest reviews. We are so enormously proud to read the many positive reviews from our guests and be the favourite restaurant in Denmark's second largest city! Do you wish to experience (or experience again) an evening at Villa Dining? Book your table here and see what's on the menu here
  • New menu tastes of SpringThe sun is gaining power and up the ground comes fresh new sprouts. In our little "local forrest," Risskov, you can now gather ramson and at the fishmonger you can buy the exclusive delicacy lumpfish roe - which also bears the name "caviar of the North." At Villa Dining, we love to spoil our guests with the season's great taste sensations, so of course, we have both delicacies on the menu at the moment. You can see our entire Gold Menu here and you can book your table right here
  • Gift voucher for Villa DiningRun out of great gift ideas? Remember the best thing in life is time spent with our loved ones. Give a gift voucher for Villa Dining and treat your loved ones to a complete gourmet experience that includes both delicious gourmet dishes, wine ad libitum and small, exclusive surprises. It is easy and convenient to buy a gift voucher for Villa Dining, simply click here and order your gift voucher online. You can see our current menu here