Restaurant – Menu

We serve our Silver menu Monday to Thursday from 6.30 pm at the Kähler villa.

With the Silver menu you get almost the full Villa Dining experience for half the price. We will treat you to snacks, appetizer, starter and main course for just DKK 389. You can complement the menu with beverages and coffee. 10% discount for children under the age of 12.

Silver Menu

Snacks & charcuterie

First course
Lobster bisque with terrine of cod, dill, pickled carrots and plucked herbs

Main course
Guinea fowl breast with truffled Pommes Anna, Jerusalem artichoke purée and poultry aspic sauce with butter and white wine

Sea buckthorn fromage with apple, soft brown sugar and caramel ice cream

Add a selection of Arla Unika cheeses with compote and crisp bread for DKK 110.

We serve the Silver menu Monday to Thursday from 6.30 pm at the villa. You can buy the beverages you wish to have together with the Silver menu.

Fresh and local produce are prime elements of the Villa Dining experience, so we make reservations for minor menu changes.