We complete your Villa Dining experience with a wine menu that has been carefully selected to complement the taste nuances of each dish on the menu.

When you enjoy our exquisite Gold menu, you get wine ad libitum, and you can freely choose between three white wines, three red wines and a dessert wine at the wine bar. There is nothing genteel about it and each guest can just go to the wine bar and pour their own glass. This only adds to the informal ambience at Villa Dining.

For those of our guests, who do not want wine, we naturally offer a selection of ad libitum juice, soft drinks and beer to go with the Gold menu.

Liselotte Møller, Restaurant Manager:
“The wide selection in our list of beverages caters to any preference. We offer both classic wines but also some more unique wines that will be interesting to dedicated wine enthusiasts. At the same time, we support the local breweries that make beer, juice and soft drinks with love, finesse and great zeal.”