Book a table for a wonderful gourmet experience

Book a table at Villa Dining and try the unique concept already tonight!

When you plan a visit at our beautiful villa, please book your table in advance as Villa Dining is an all-evening concept where all guests come and leave at the same time. We start the evening at exactly 6.00 PM and bid our farewells at 9.30 PM, except for Fridays and Saturdays when we close at 10.00 PM.

To allow us to give you and your company the optimum gourmet experience, we ask you to choose either the Gold menu or the Silver menu and let your choice apply to all guests at the table. Remember to give advance notice if you or anyone in your company wants a vegetarian menu or if we need to consider any allergies.

Remember to wear a face mask!
Due to COVID-19 everyone in the restaurant must wear a face mask. You can take off your face mask when you are seated at your table but you must put it back on when you leave your chair, for instance to use the bathroom. We kindly inform you that Villa Dining closes at exactly 10.00 PM. Thank you for your understanding!

If you or anyone in your company is prevented from showing up on the evening of your booking, please notify us well in advance and not later than at 2.00 PM on the day of your booking. Call tel. +45 86 17 70 88. If we do not hear from you, we will charge the full amount for the original number of guests in your booking.

We offer lots of possibilities of having special events and parties in our large patrician villa. Call us at +45 86 17 70 88 for an informal talk about your options.

Gift voucher
You can buy gift vouchers at Villa Dining between 2.00 PM and 5.00 PM or following agreement. To receive the gift voucher by mail, please contact us at or buy your gift card online right here
Please note that it is no longer possible to use gift vouchers issued by Malling & Schmidt before September 2012.