Restaurant reviews – we appreciate all the praise we get!

Villa Dining has been extremely well received by both guests and food critics. This makes us proud, and we are looking forward to inviting even more guests inside our villa for modern, yet historical food experiences. Are you curious about what others thought about our full-evening concept at just DKK 599, including beverages, then read the following reviews to learn how an evening at Villa Dining runs.

Reviews of restaurant Villa Dining

Villa Dining wins Tripadvisor Award 2020
Villa Dining has been awarded Traveler’s Choice Best of the Best 2020 by Tripadvisor. The title is awarded to only 10% of all restaurants on Tripadvisor and is based on all guest reviews in 2019.
July 2020.

Ranked Best Restaurant in Aarhus in January 2020
HURRAH! We are ranked Best Restaurant in Aarhus in January 2020! The ranking is publiced by the booking site, DinnerBooking, and is based on over 20.000 guest reviews. We are so enormously proud to read the many positive reviews from our guests and be the favourite restaurant in Denmark’s second largest city!
January 2020

5 shining stars in Århus Stiftstidende
You can look forward to a five-star gourmet experience the next time you visit Kähler Villa Dining. We had the pleasure of serving Århus Stiftstidende’s food critic, and he gives us five shining stars and describes Kähler Villa Dining in excited phrases:

“Let there be no beating around the bush: You really get great value for money.”

“If you manage to surrender to the concept, you can look forward to an extremely successful treat at a remarkably low price.”

8 July 2016.

5 big stars in Jyllands-Posten
We cannot stop smiling after having read Jyllands-Posten’s review of Kähler Villa Dining. Part of the review says:

“Kähler Villa Dining has created its own version of communal eating. You can choose between silver and gold, and don’t be afraid to go for the expensive solution. Its worth every penny, so you will not feel cheated when you pay the bill.”

“With the main course, the chef proved once more how to plate a beautiful dish if you are into the “more is less” principle. It was almost a piece of art”.

“Throughout the evening, we were attended to by capable and smiling waiters who did their best to serve the guests.”

“Five stars for the golden dinner in the villa and my recommendation. Go try it yourself.”

24 November 2015.

Best restaurant experience in town in terms of price in 2015
Kähler Villa Dining is the best restaurant experience in town in terms of price 2015 (Byens Bedste award)! We are extremely proud – especially because it is the third time in a row that we win the award as Aarhus’ best restaurant. Thank you so much to all of you our sweet guests and gourmet lovers who have voted for us! We are extremely grateful, thrilled and proud of every single vote, and we are looking forward to welcoming you to even more gourmet experiences in our villa in 2015 and 2016.

East Jutlanders’ favourite in July 2015
More than 2,100 East Jutlanders rated their restaurant visits in July and Kähler Villa Dining came out first. Thank you so much for your positive response!

Top-three restaurant in Aarhus
More than 11,000 guests rated their restaurant visit in Aarhus in the first half of 2015, and Kähler Villa Dining made it into top three on the list of the best restaurants. A big thank you to all those guests who took the time to review us and give us top marks in the Food, Service, Atmosphere and Value-for-Money categories.

Guest favourite in May 2015
In May, Kähler Villa Dining was the restaurant in Aarhus that received most positive reviews on Dinner Booking. We are extremely proud of this and thank all the guests who have submitted a review.

Best Guest-reviewed Restaurant 2014
The East Jutlanders think that we offer the best guest experience in all of Aarhus. The award as Best Guest-reviewed Restaurant 2014 follows a recent listing of not less than 25,000 user reviews on Dinner Booking that select us as the guests’ favourite restaurant in Aarhus in 2014.

Best restaurant experience in town in 2014
The people of Aarhus have chosen Kähler Villa Dining as the Best Restaurant Experience in Town for value in 2014. This is the second year in a row that the villa is among the Best in Town and we work each day to optimise and maintain our great position.

Aarhus’ new gastronomic web magazine gives fantastic review
Kähler Villa Dining is extremely thrilled about the wonderful review we received after Smag Aarhus visited us. In the following, you can read some of what they had to say:

“I sat down on a soft piece of fur, and when the fireplace behind me was lit, I instantly felt at home. When we looked around us, we could see old pictures of Kähler’s production process and the Nordic products of the popular ceramic company were easy to spot on all the tables in the dining room. Old and new, traditional and modern merged together around us.”

“You get great value for money at Grenåvej. In fact, few Danish cities will be able to serve such good food and wine at such a favourable price.”


Rave review from Byens Spiseguide
We are absolutely elated about the wonderful review we received after Byens Spiseguide visited our cosy patrician villa. In the following, you can read about their experience in the Kähler villa:

“On the table were snacks, freshly baked bread, some crisps with dip and the first small dish of organic trout with lumpsucker roe; green, sweet pickled tomatoes; skyr; radishes and a touch of dill. A delectable, feminine plate that looked wonderful and where the sweet tomatoes most of the attention. For an appetizer, we were served plenty of lumpsucker roe.”

“Our main dish had a very Nordic feel to it. It was really beautifully plated and there was no doubt that the produce was Danish. […] The meat was extremely tender. It was pink-roasted and juicy. Whether alluding the taste of Scandinavian or French cuisine, the sauce was magnificent. Great praise for a substantial and beautiful plating.”

“It is not often that we experience such engaging and discreet service. Our praise goes out to the waiters and not least the restaurant manager, Charlotte Ahrndt, who was an excellent hostess with a magnificent overview.”

13 May 2014.

Top review in Gastro magazine
Gastro critic René Langdahl Jørgensen was very impressed after participating in Villa Supreme at Kähler Villa Dining.

In this review, René wrote:

“I may be a sensitive creature, but when food is composed so skilfully, combining textures, aroma harmonies and umami depth as had it been touched my Michelangelo and the wine accompanying it being so accurate and knowledgeably curated, I get tears in my eyes.”

“Thorsten Schmidt’s food is poetry, pure magic; separately they are unique pieces of art and together they form a synthesis, a unity, never seen before. A display that gets you so close to the chef, that you can touch him and feel the heat from the stove. Everything is in unison, wine, service, storyline, props… and I will sleep as an ecstatic child in the car next to my wife on the way home.
We can only say: thank you for a world-class experience!”

We are extremely thrilled and honoured with this magnificent review of our restaurant.

10 June 2013

5 sparkling stars in Jyllands-Posten
Jyllands-Posten’s food critic bestowed five stars on Kähler Villa Dining. The many wonderful and savoury details in the menu, decor and service made this food critic excited:

“…as soon as the front door closed behind us on an ordinary Wednesday evening, we stepped out of the rain and into an augmented reality where waiters took our rain-sodden clothes and stood ready with sparkling wine by the table in front of the warm fireplace (…) Once the waiter came around with a small trolley and served a liqueur to go with our coffee, we had to let our final guard down (…). Overall, we were served proper craftsmanship in beautiful surroundings with many additional treats at a very reasonable price.”

30 April 2013.