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Our Gold menu takes you on the full Villa Dining adventure where we treat you to snacks, appetizer, aperitif, three delicious courses, wine ad libitum and coffee with a liqueur and sweets.

Gold menu Monday to Thursday: DKK 649

Gold menu Friday to Saturday (and holidays): DKK 699 

Gold Menu

Gold Menu is available from the 16th of September to the 12th of October 2019.

When you arrive we welcome you with a glass of bubbles at the table

Charcuterie and crisps

Chicken confit with airy white asparagus velouté

Carefully prepared trout with tarragon and dill cream

Main course
The Main course from the 16th of September to the 21th of September is: Glazed spareribs with black chanterelle, marinated pointed cabbage and carrots, served with Villa Dining’s ‘Brændende Kærlighed’ (mashed potato with bacon and onion)

(Please note that the Main course from the 23th September to the 12th October is changed for: Braised veal cheeks with autumn mushrooms, cabbage and scorched roots. Served with aromatic truffle sauce and Villa Dining’s mashed potatoes)

Dark chocolate mousse with baked plums, cherries and chocolate ice cream with malt

Coffee & Sweets
The evening always ends with aromatic coffee and a little sweet treat

Choose freely between eg. cognac, rum or baileys from our well-stocked avec cart

Wine ad libitum
Last but certainly not least, you get white, red and dessert wine ad libitum when you order the Gold Menu. If any of your fellow guests do not want wine, we offer a selection of juices and special beer.

50% discount for children under the age of 12.

Try also our attractive silver menu for just DKK 349.

Fresh and local produce are prime elements on the menu at Kähler Villa Dining, so we make reservations for minor menu changes.

Add a selection of Arla Unika cheeses with compote and crisp bread for DKK 110.


The upcoming Gold menu:
The upcoming Gold menu will soon be announced here on this page.